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Like it or not, being a musician means tackling copyrights, licensing, royalties and a world of other legal issues. And with the music industry shifting in regards to digital music, more than ever musician rights and revenues hang in the balance as new laws are passed. Just Plain Folks seeks to be a unified voice for its membership as music enters the political arena — to keep our members aware of critical elections and events, and simply to provide an open forum for political discussion as it applies to the music community.

Our Political Discussion Forum is the place for up-to-the-minute news and debate. We warmly welcome information on politics from countries outside of the USA as well. Good ideas (and bad ideas) exist everywhere! Most of all, we ask our members to be open minded and respectful of the wide diversity of opinions and views. Please refrain from attacking fellow musical peers or posting intentionally inflamatory statements. While we will inevitably have some differing opinions and world views, after the dust settles our community needs a unified voice, if we want to see our musical rights protected.

Keep watching here for more news as Just Plain Folks takes a more active role in politics, and don't forget to sign up for Brian's Just Plain Notes for more political news!

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"We will either find a way, or make one." -Hannibal

"The great American novel has not only already been written, it has already been rejected." -Frank Dane

"Artificial manners vanish the moment the natural passions are touched" -Maria Edgeworth

"Sometimes all you have to do to inspire humans to greatness is give them a reason and an opportunity to do something great." -Brian Austin Whitney

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