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Just Plain Folks 2001 Member Quotes

Or Why I Do What I Do (Year 3)


I am often asked why I work so tirelessly, for 10,000+ musicians, songwriters and music industry folks. There are many reasons, personal, professional and spiritual.  But perhaps the most important reason is because of the positive affect my work seems to have on so many lives literally all around the world. Each year, I take the positive comments I get from members during our Demographics Survey process and compile them into a list of member quotes.  The first year we did this, we had about 100.  Last year we had about 220.  This year we have a whopping 430. (We actually have more, but it took me 15 hours to find all these and that seemed like enough!) Though I doubt anyone will read them all, (it’s 29 pages full), I think as you randomly scan through, you will start to understand what drives my relentless passion for Just Plain Folks and what we have created.  Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts, and thanks to those folks who care enough to read about the finest community of musicians, writers and professionals and friendly human beings ever gathered in the music industry.  We’re All In This Together!  With gratitude,  -Brian Austin Whitney, Noblesville, IN. 

1. JPFolks has been an encouragement for me in the past couple of years. I can't always stay up to date with my schedule but I can always go back and look at past issues and find what I need. And ALWAYS find encouragement on just about every issue I need. -Annette Shearer, Lexington, KY

2. Travel, Discover, and see for yourself, the world is quite a small place. People all over are just like us Just Plain Folks. -Gary Lamar White, Freiburg, Germany

3. Since joining Just Plain Folks from the start I have gathered a wealth of information from the Just Plain Notes newsletters. Well done all concerned -Peter Rae, Biggar Lanarks, Scotland

4. I am new to Just Plain Folks, so I am just getting to know you. My first impression is, "Wow! It's great to know that there is useful information for the local musician.  So often it seems that we are alone in our musical ventures, meeting just by chance. JPF seems like a place that will make information readily accessible and help individuals discover their own local network of fellow musicians. -Lori Taylor, Sterling, Virginia

5. I think the variety and quality of programs and services available through Just Plain Folks is the most comprehensive of all such organizations. For reference resources, networking opportunities, and motivation, it is hard to beat. -Bill Payne, Roanoke, VA

6. Just Plain Folks offers everything musicians are looking for - knowledge, advice, and community. Extremely useful. -Suzanne Glass, Founder if, Columbus, IN

7. Just Plain Folks does more for it's members FOR FREE than any music industry organization I've ever known of that charges a membership fee. The most important thing it's given me is a real sense of belonging to a larger community of artists and industry folks who are supportive of each other... something that's difficult at best in a world of I, Me, Mine... -Marilynn Manfra, Cranston, RI

8. At Just Plain Folks, 2001 will be the year of the independent music! -Sebastien Breitner, Besançon, France

9. Just Plain Folks..a helping hand when you need it. -Derry Jones, Harrogate, England

10. "Just Plain Folks is about real people making real music. Everyone is in it to help each other promote, inspire and get their music heard" -Mike Farley, Cleveland, OH

11. Thanks to "Just Plain Folks" and the dedication of all its volunteers and industry professionals we can all be plugged into the music scene simultaneously! "Just Plain Folks" is a breath of fresh air to all who inspire to create! -Cathy "C.C." Carlson, NSAI, Event Coordinator, Los Angeles, CA


13. Thanks to Just Plain Folks for keeping me in the loop -Steve Cooper, Indianapolis, IN

14. Thanks to Just Plain Folks for your enormous efforts on behalf of all songwriters, including the "little guy". You're a true friend of the songwriter. -Marti Stone Gibson Mesquite Manor Music, Alamo, TX

15. "I was very skeptical at first, but JP Folks is the only music organization I've come across that really cares about YOU and YOUR SUCCESS. They've really helped me keep believing in me and my dream." -Greg Nicholson, Los Angeles, CA

16. Brian Austin Whitney has done a hell of a job in a short period of time. His energy level is obvious. The networking possibilities are interesting. Keep it up! -Rik Shafer, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

17. Every now and then I need a shot of inspiration, JPFolks keeps me thinking.-Mark Hensel, Prospect, PA

18. Brian Austin Whitney is very positive and upbeat in his articles. I'd like to see more folks reflect Brian's yes-it's-tough-but-you-can-do-it attitude. -Mike DeShazer, Arvada, CO

19. Just Plain Folks: A global opportunity to share songwriting ideas and learn the craft of songwriting at your desktop. -Scott Kirkpatrick, Pleasant Hill, CA

20. I've been really impressed by the email newsletter and also by the caliber of people and mentors that are involved in Just Plain Folks! -Sheri Kling, Marietta, GA

21. Just Plain Folks turns out to be the most useful and interesting music newsletter on the net. And I have read hundreds of others. -Timothy Kelly, Houston, TX

22. I like the friendly and supportive approach of JFP. As the name implies, it's an alliance of "real people" who share a dream. The spirit of the 60's is alive and well with the members who comprise your organization. There are two things wrong with the "music industry": the music and the industry. The mission of the folks at JPF is to fix that problem. 'Just Plain Folks' is part of the solution. -Richard Scotti, New York, NY

23. As a music professional, I think Just Plain Folks really steps in and helps musicians. They take action to back up their words. A "must-join" organization! - Sandy Serge, Marrietta, GA

24. Just Plain Folks is an organization that truly emphasizes art for art's sake, while also promoting awareness of the state of the music business. -Patrick Bryant, Glendale, CA

25. Just Plain Folks is a real songwriting community. Where ideas and music is shared for the goal of having music heard. A song is a gift. Just Plain Folks help you share it. -Phillip Alan Schwamb, Coeur d' Alene, ID

26. Hats off to Brian & JP Folks for actualizing a dream & using the Internet to develop a resource for people from all aspects & levels of the music industry. -Barbara Lavi, Founder of, Westport, CT

27. This organization is all about the music and the musicians. There's no catch, no fees, no compromises. It is unique in what it brings to the musical community at large on all levels which is the love and excitement of the art. -Shakeh Herbekian, Los Angeles, CA

28. Although I've only been a member of JPFolks a very short time, as a fairly new singer/songwriter I've found the information shared through your newsletters, website, updates to be extremely informative. In fact, I found the mentors' advice at your website so inspiring and helpful that I have printed off ALL their pages and made myself a reference book! It's one of my most used resources--Thank you! -Halie Loren, Eugene, OR

29. Brian Austin Whitney's "My Takes," are wise and practical advice. Just Plain Folks is for Just Plain Folks -Bilal Yasin El-Amin, Richmond, VA

30. What I like most is the regularity of correspondence, the down-to-earth style, the information, the sense of genuine sharing of Just Plain Folks. -Elspeth Duncan, St. Augustine, Trinidad, West Indies

31. I like the vast range of knowledge and viewpoints in Just Plain Folks. -Thomas Wondra, Crystal Lake, IL

32. I'm a brand new member, but I already love the enthusiasm that's apparent in this organization. I look forward to exploring the benefits of membership. -Jacob Kanter, West Hollywood, CA

33. Just Plain Talent from Just Plain Roots. Just Plain Folks is Just Plain Music. I like the regular updates, structure and support offered. -Jeff Winkler, Sioux Falls, SD

34. Thanks Just Plain Folks for creating a real community for music people of all levels. It is nice to belong to something larger. -Victoria Davis, Hunterdon County, NJ

35. "If you are not connected to Just Plain're disconnected" -Todd Thompson, Raleigh, NC

36. Just Plain Folks is just that, folks working together! -Dianna L. Garbers, Martinsville, IN

37. Just plain folks helps me to remember that being a musician/songwriter is really about playing music with others for an audience instead of the endless stream of mailings that I under go each week! -Mia Theodoratus/Jah-La, Brooklyn, NY

38. Building a real community is what music is all about. Thanks to Just Plain Folks for your efforts in that direction! -Anne Feeney, Pittsburgh, PA

39. Just Plain Folks is a great way to introduce yourself and be introduced to other musical people. Whether it be for career goals or fun. -Robin Lowe, Simi Valley, CA

40. The best part of Just Plain Folks is the agenda, mission and humility. -Tim Scott, Studio City, CA

41. The best part of Just Plain Folks is the encouragement and the affirmation. -Steve Fairhead, Sussex, England

42. Just Plain Folks is informative, enlightening, and egalitarian. No one genre or level of experience is elevated above or put below any other. -Sandy Andina, Chicago, IL

43. Just Plain Folks is a place where everyone gets a listen! -Chris Backe, Asheville, NC

44. Just Plain Folks is a good resource for learning more about the music business. -Eric Joseph, Toledo, OH

45. Just Plain Folks is about musicians helping each other and exchanging information and ideas. The musical community is made up of ordinary folks with a passion for music and performing. Every famous musician is still just a person like you and me. JPF keeps that in perspective. -Larry Griffin, Glen Rock, PA

46. It took me 30 years to figure out that a person can't make it in the music business alone. And just as I was coming to that understanding, I found Just Plain Folks and its incredible (and growing) network of members! I suspect that any future successes I may have will be somehow connected (either directly or indirectly) with my membership in JPF. Thanks, Brian! -David Simpkins, Radford, VA

47. Making music puts joy in your soul. Just Plain Folks helps you share your joy with others. -Judie Bright Choate, Wichita Falls, TX

48. Just Plain Folks is a truly friendly and caring organization! -Marina V., Jacksonville, IL

49. What I like most about Just Plain Folks is the great way of getting in touch with other musicians. -Andrea Roberts, Connelly, NY

50. I appreciate all the encouragement and camaraderie that JPF offers. Remember, this is about community, not competition. 'Nuff said. -Nancy Terzian, Nashville, TN

51. Just Plain Folks has been an inspiration to me just knowing that this "adventure" I have embarked upon is really not bigger than I am and that there are people there to support me. Thanks. -Renee' Mixon, Rome, GA

52. I always find Brian Austin Whitney's My Take philosophical thoughts on career development and the future of the music industry to be interesting and sometimes even inspiring. -Rick Paul, Lake Forest, CA

53. I look forward to the Just Plain Notes publications. I find the writing very inspiring. Even though I haven't yet done any professional recording, it makes me feel that I actually have a chance to go somewhere if I put my mind to it and jump in feet first. -Leigh Anne Tubbs, Tampa, FL

54. I enjoy the networking of musicians and collaborators, the info for us newbies on what step to take next and where to find that step. -Kimberly Anders, Henderson, NV

55. It is rare to find the dedication needed to produce consistently usable material, but I find it with solid endeavors of JPF originator and supporters. -Debby Wilson, Soddy Daisy, TN

56. Just Plain Folks is setting trends in networking the everyday musicians with masters in the field. The future of music belongs to music communities like this, not the large companies of the past. -Paul David Stanko, Saint Paul, MN

57. The Music Industry can, more often than not, be a lot of pie in the sky. Just Plain Folks offers some steady ground to walk on - and some people to walk it with you. -Steve Bardsley, Attleboro Falls, MA

58. Sometimes in the music world, you can feel out of place. Like everyone thinks they're better then you, or have more talent, or just more to offer the world. But Just Plain Folks is a place where every genre is accepted and viewed as equal, and one place in the industry where anyone would feel at home. -Jenny Fisher, Newport News, VA

59. I like the honesty and the inspiration quotes at the beginning of Just Plain Notes, and the views in Brian's My Take. -Donna Aylor, San Angelo, TX

60. You can tell the people at Just Plain Folks are not a bunch of part timers. I like the quality and consistency of what they do. -John Montgomery, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

61. It is important to have your finger on the pulse of the Music Industry for the benefit of your readers. I believe Just Plain Folks is on the right track and always look forward to your next edition of Just Plain Notes! Thank You. -Nick Conte, Old Chatham, NY

62. It feels that everybody in the world plays the guitar and sings songs, and then shrug it off as a paranoid delusion. JPF reminds me that it is, in fact, true. They do. How a social misfit like me ended up, as a member of such a large gang is an abiding mystery. -John Peacock, London, England

63. It is great to learn of another organization to help independents succeed together!
I will be turning folks on to Just Plain Folks at my seminars! -Laurie Z., Redondo Beach, CA

64. Just Plain Folks is just plain phenomenal. I love the support and camaraderie!
-Leora Salo, Houston, TX

65. Just Plain Folks is not tied to the shut-tight, financially-dependent commercial music industry, but give support and encouragement without discrimination. As a minor-player in a highly competitive industry, it is nice to be treated with respect as a contributor. -Everett, WA

66. Just Plain Folks has accomplished so much in so short a time. It's amazing how many different people from different walks of life in the music business they've managed to pull together - and all for the grand purpose of helping each other. What a great idea - and one long overdue. Congratulations on your fantastic success - which only makes each one of us that participates, all the more successful and confident in what we do. -Jodi Krangle, founder of, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

67. Just Plain Folks has taught me that I am not struggling alone! It is really wonderful to meet others trying to succeed in the music business. -Tony Gunter, New Palestine, IN

68. Just Plain Folks helps me gain insight to other areas of thought process, and helps light sparks of ideas in my writing. -Jim Smollon, Knoxville, TN

69. You get a lot of great information by just joining Just Plain Folks. -Jenise Brown, Pompano Beach, FL

70. There is something in Just Plain Folks for anyone who is interested in the business of music. -Grant Hollenbach, Loudonville, OH

71. I love the ability to find artists in my own area. Just Plain Folks is just plain wonderful! -Rechelle Malin, Salina, KS

72. The Just Plain Folks newsletter is very informative. I look forward to receiving it. There is always something that sinks in that is helpful in furthering my career. I applaud JPFolks for continuing on when the going gets rough, as it can be very time consuming and draining to keep an organization going. But obviously the folks involved have a love of the music business and they have done well as the large membership numbers show! Keep up the great work! -Chrystal Hartigan, Special Event Promoter, Hollywood, FL

73. Thank you Brian and Just Plain Folks for caring about the music, and about those of us who write and perform it. Thanks! -Rebb Firman, Visalia, CA

74. Just Plain Folks ain't just plain -- we're everything from small fry to big fish, from small potatoes to the whole enchilada. Just Plain Folks is a whole lot of people, working together and separately with one goal -- success. However each of us may define it. -Bob Clayton, Silver Spring, MD

75. "Just Plain Folks, with the help of the Internet, has made the world a much smaller place for me. I have gained many new friends and writing partners from all over the country and world. That would not have been possible just a few short years ago with Just Plain Folks. I'm truly grateful." -Greg C. Brown, Suffolk, VA

76. I like the personal connections that Just Plain Folks helps me make! -Denis Smirnov, Barnaul, Russia

77. One thing is that Just Plain Folks are NOT is "just plain;" on the are exceptional and a terrific resource. Their Just Plain Notes newsletter is highly motivational, and inasmuch as anything can be in cyberspace, and they come through time and time again as warm, friendly, and encouraging. I am glad I became a member! -Shana "Banana" Smith, St. Petersburg, FL

78. Brian Austin Whitney and Just Plain Folks in general has personality PLUS! -LD Sheldon, Amsterdam, NY

79. What I like best about Just Plain Folks is that it gets a lot of people together at different levels in the industry easily. -Leonard LaBar, Milpitas, CA

80. I really enjoy the conversationalist tone used in getting salient points across to members and the featured artist section in the post in the Just Plain Notes newsletter. -Meagan Lane, Silver Spring, MD

81. My take on 'We're all in this together,' which I whole-heartedly agree with, is.that there is room for EVERYONE in the Just Plain Folks pool!! -Janet Ryan, Conway, MA

82. The integrity of Just Plain Folks is historic. Everyone should know about this wonderful group! -Jen Kellie, Antioch, TN

83. Just Plain Folks help me just 'keep on keeping on' in this musical rat race. -Dana Kukkonen, Denver, CO

84. Just Plain Folks has something for everyone, including great advice for us beginners. -Jennifer Johnson, San Diego, CA

85. All I wanted to say is keep up the great work Just Plain Folks! -Bryan Williams, Kittanning, PA

86. Brian Austin Whitney has good insight and I like the way he encourages and supports indie artists and songwriters. Keep it up. -Danney Ball, Hemet, CA

87. It's good to know that there is integrity, sincerity and honesty here in the music business. Thanks for being so generous Just Plain Folks! -Leanne Allen, Acworth, GA

88. Thanks Just Plain Folks! You're one of my favorite music resources on the net.
I really enjoy the newsletter. I also appreciate the exposure you give members in the newsletter blurbs. -Christine Mascott, New York, NY

89. I really enjoy my Just Plain Folks newsletters. They keep me believing! -Bettina Makley, Jacksonville, FL

90. I love all of the tips and inspiration provided to every musician in Just Plain Notes. I think Brian Austin Whitney does a wonderful job with quotes and writing the weekly newsletters. It’s so encouraging week after week!! Great job! -Andrea Vojtisek, Endicott, NY

91. Just Plain Folks...The friendly people who always encourage you when your Mom and Dad tell you for the 2 billionth time that if you would have spent half as much time becoming a doctor as you wasted playing music...they could be living in Florida instead of still working beyond their retirement years to give you a roof over your worthless musician head! -Jay Clayton, Mayfield, UT

92. Just Plain Folks...The air in the tires of the Musical School Bus. -Jay Clayton, Mayfield, UT

93. Just Plain Folks... great advice from great people! -Benjamin Weiner, Los Angeles, CA

94. I am a relatively new member, but thanks to Just Plain Folks, I have felt very included right from the beginning. -Judy Ginsburgh, Alexandria, LA

95. I'm new to "Just Plain Folks", and already feel very welcomed and excited to join an organization that really seems to have their act together. -Lloyd Minthorne, Novato, CA

96. Thanks to Just Plain Folks, I've become more aware of the wide range of people on the professional music scene, and in the responsibility of the songwriter, both to himself and to the listener. Thank you. -Norma Andersen, Elk Grove Village, IL

97. Just Plain Folks is filled with very helpful people who are friendly and compassionate. -Mark Shelby, Campbell, CA

98. Just Plain Folks is and it isn't! These are some of the most talented, exciting and creative individuals anywhere. They just happen to be down-to-Earth hard workers, teachers and learners willing to share. -Dave Ritter, Everett, WA

99. I greatly appreciate that Brian Austin Whitney tells it like it is! -Dennis Miller, Kearney, NE

100. Just Plain Folks is the little bird that rides the Rhino, a symbiotic relationship that helps. -Billy D., Youngstown, OH

101. Just Plain....Folks where REAL musicians meet. -Angel Pecora, Wood-Ridge, NJ

102. Just Plain Folks is Just Plain Fantastic! It's the all-out best on-line resource for music industry-related information and the efforts of the JPFolks folks to increase members' exposure through performance venues and year-end awards is a real bonus! -Lisa Ellis, Fresno, CA

103. It is so comforting to be part of the JPFolks snowball as it gathers size, speed and power down the slope. -Randall Cousins, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

104. To sum it up, Just Plain Folks has a great site and organization that cuts the crap and get to the music that we all love so much. -Kim Saggers, Canberra, A.C.T., Australia

105. "Just Plain Folks is one of the finest Music Industry organizations in the world. Dedicated to a member base who receives their services free. It's Just Plain Wonderful!" -Carl Towns, CEO Kore Entertainment, Trenton, GA

106. I can attest to the fact that Just Plain Folks has members way down here in the Caribbean who find your articles and advice useful. -Guillermo Anderson, La Ceiba, Honduras

107. I enjoy reading Just Plain Folk's newsletter because it's about regular people who love music and want to break out and do more - most musicians I know - mainly all of my friends are musicians - want fame and notoriety - I enjoy reading the good things - hearing when someone small gets something good - makes some progress. For every famous musician already out there - there are hundreds who are better and unknown. -Kay Howey Hickman, Austin, TX

108. Just Plain Folks reminds us that there are many, many, gifted people in this world. It appreciates those gifts. It encourages us to share those gifts. And inspires us to use those gifts the best we can. -Moses Hauffen, Alhambra, CA

109. Just Plain Folks lookin' out for us Just Plain Folks! -Rich Denny, Aurora, NE

110. I always look forward to reading the Just Plain Folks newsletters... they're interesting & uplifting, & compiled by a bunch of people who are way more than just plain folks... they're incredibly talented, passionate artists, who are really in this for all the best reasons -Kerry Lea, New York, NY

111. Just Plain Folks is a unique, practical tool for both novice and experienced songwriters, to network and showcase their creative Skills. -Gene Carrington, Cisne, IL

112. I have happily found JPFolks to be the one music site and organization to be for, about and made up of musicians of all levels... It is truly about the music... It seems that now, more than ever, we as musicians, really need an unbiased connection to other makers of music. The stresses of trying to make a living, and still remember why we got into this wild biz make it really important to stay connected to the source... JPFolks provides a perfect vehicle for just that purpose. We ARE just about the music!! Just Plain Folks doing what we love... making music and helping each other grow, as musicians, songwriters, performers and music biz folks, members of a Global community of creative artists. We can make a difference if we work together to help each other share our gifts! -Pamela Ruby Russell, Boston, MA

113. Just Plain Folks has been a real gem for me amongst the rapidly growing community of Internet musicians' resources. JPFolks provides TRUE networking opportunities with legit and experienced industry personnel, artists and musicians within this organization. I always know I can trust a contact I make through Just Plain Folks and I look forward to getting more involved as my career grows. -Darci Monet, Nashville, TN

114. From my experience of having joined Just Plain Folks over 2 years ago, I would recommend it as a down to the earth group that exists to help people from all walks and levels of the music industry. Most importantly, it instills a motivation to help one help themselves, with many mentors to help guide the way.  -Mark The Harper, Bronx, NY

115. "Just Plain Folks covers the world with music for the sake of music." -Jody Whitesides, Burbank, CA

116. I am a recent high school graduate and I think that music has greatly impacted who I am today. I really enjoy Just Plain Folks because it allows me to see what new musicians are attempting to accomplish. The newsletters they really help keep people informed about music industry! -Erika R. Allen, Indianapolis, IN

117. No matter where you go, you will always find 'Just Plain Folks' willing to talk to you about your art. I most like the wonderful way Brian Austin Whitney writes the newsletters. I enjoy his knowledge and his sense of humor. I also like the mentor program. -Angie McIsaac, Author, Niles, OH

118. I have been a member since the beginning and it has always been a great source of information and assistance in meeting people with the same interests. -Connie Kay Munson, Rockaway, NJ

119. Just Plain Folks is a great resource for those who consider themselves music veterans as well as newcomers to the industry. -Douglas Wood, Los Angeles, CA

120. Some spend a lifetime going out of their way to be someone special, then become truly happy being "Just Plain Folks". -Daniel Rudick, Salt Spring, B.C., Canada

121. There's a lot of potential in JPF. Imagine going to any major city and hooking up with a JPF chapter. It's the YMCA for songwriters! -Ken Kaliszewski, Littleton, CO

122. When I have one of those moments where my career in music seems to be drying up in the middle of the Sahara desert. Just Plain Folks appears in the oasis of my computer screen like a tall glass of cool water! -Jamie Quinn, Seattle, WA

123. I don't really feel like an amateur anymore, but I also haven't fully made the transition to professional. I've spent a lot of time not feeling like I fit in. With Just Plain Folks, I have found my home. -Harriet Ames, Hansville, WA

124. Just Plain Folks has gone from a simple labor of love, to the most brilliant organization I have come across. They do more for independent artists for free than any of the paid organizations. Watch out music world, Just Plain Folks are here to stay! -Sidney Quest, Sioux City, SD

125. Just Plain Folks was recommended to me a few years ago just by chatting with a music friend online. Since that time I have increased my knowledge of the "music world" 100 times and have met fellow members in my local area as well as throughout the USA. That I can share my talents with and also encourage their talents. Thanks JPFolks, for opening up this opportunity to a music lover in a VERY small town in Colorado. -Sherry Norden, SherAhnn Enterprises, Bailey, CO

126. I am a small distributor based in Australia and find groups like JPF to be an important antidote to the isolation of doing most business things on the net. I am very new to the group and have not yet formed clear opinions on how JPF will benefit me over time and what I might have to offer. -Peter Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

127. Distribution is the only thing keeping 99% of artists from breaking. In this mp3 technological musical revolution, Just Plain Folks will be the means to find the answer to that problem and help the independents succeed. -Lance Warner, Wichita Falls, TX

128. Just Plain Folks is the most helpful & best networking music organization around today. -Harold Payne, Los Angeles, CA

129. Just Plain Folks is the informational tool for any person interested in music of any kind. -Lynda Hylton, Atlanta, GA

130. I think its great the musicians and songwriters have a place like Just Plain Folks to share and talk about their careers in the music industry. -Beth, Burnsville, MN

131. The Just Plain Folks newsletter is the most consistently inspiring email I get. -Marilyn Harris, Los Angeles, CA

132. What I like most about Just Plain Folks is the great information, the deep thoughts, networking connections and above all: The consistency! -Tom Phillips, Chattanooga, TN

133. Just Plain Folks proves there is strength in unity. -Michael Leahy, Brussels, Belgium

134. Just Plain Folks is the ultimate support group for those addicted to the high that comes from chasing musical dreams. -Garrett Knaub, Cicero, NY

135. Just Plain Folks....Just Playin' Music....Just Havin' Fun....Just sharing...that's what JP Folks is all about. -Stu Shulman, President Seedless Records, Ventura, CA

136. In a choking, mega-swamp of hype--(i.e., The Music Business)--there IS a small pocket of fresh air. It's called Just Plain Folks. -Dixon DeVore II, Greenville, NH

137. I have found Just Plain Folks extremely helpful in getting me started in the production, distribution and the incorporation of my own record label. Its "just plain folks" like Brian Austin Whitney that make our lives a lot easier. Thank you. -Fred Armand, Orlando, FL

138. For me, as a Dutch artist it`s great to have internet access to this great Just Plain Folks community; over here there`s nothing like it; great tips, hints and reviews. -Edwin van Wylick, Venlo, the Netherlands

139. Just Plain Folks, making the road into the music industry a little smoother. -Tiffany Jorgensen, Portland, OR

140. Just Plain Folks is the FIRST and ONLY FREE site that truly addresses the needs of professional musicians. -David Ernst, Floral Park, NY

141. I enjoy the kinship I feel with other members of "Just Plain Folks", as well as the mutual support and camaraderie we as fellow musicians have for one another. As they say in "Just Plain Folks", "We're all in this together!" -Terri Brown, Hattiesburg, MS

142. Just Plain Folks is the most unique, well-run and well-organized music organization that I've ever heard of or been associated with. The potential of this organization (and it's members) is phenomenal. Having been a member for several years, I've seen the growth and can't begin to fathom the amount of work it has taken to get this far. -Michael Allen Howard, Chicago, IL

143. Just plain great, Just Plain Folks! -Claire Ulanoff, Miami, FL

144. From the number of diversified message boards alone, I find the "Just Plain Folks" organization to be an extremely effective and powerful one, in terms of having already established itself as a proactive and vital resource within the commercial music industry. -Kenny Love, Crockett, TX

145. The only "real" approach to the songwriting industry online. Just Plain Folks is not pompous or two faced, they help and inform all members who flock to their site for friendship, camaraderie and music industry contacts, news and opportunities. -Jule Carey, Saddle Brook, NJ

146. This business can be very frustrating, and it's nice to know as long as we have Just Plain Folks here, I'm not alone. -Brian Hutzell, Round Lake, IL

147. Everyone on the face of this planet is just a plain folk, it is how they use their given ability to adapt and persevere that makes us individuals with the power to help the world." -Pat Motika, Mentor, OH

148. Thank you "Just Plain Folks", just when I thought I was swimming up stream alone, I find there are thousands making that swim with me... and with your help changing the current!! -Ned Doerr, Clarkston, MI

149. JPFolks is an incredible resource in the money hungry music world. I would advise EVERYONE to support this organization so artists can maintain at least 1 forum that has thus far not been ruined by the corporate music movement. -Alexz Adams, Baltimore, MD

150. What I like most about Just Plain Folks is the very real chance for the little guy's music to be heard! -Sam Hensley, Greensboro, NC

151. Building good relationships with people is one of the best things you can do to further your musical career. I like Just Plain Folks inclusiveness. -Paul Iwancio, Founder of the Baltimore Songwriters Association, Baltimore, MD

152. I LOVE the way Just Plain Folks reinforce us to go our own way... follow our hearts for the DOING of it rather than the 'commercial' aspects of it. It is important for all of us to hear more of that. -Alton Rex Polson, Austin TX

153. Just Plain Folks is Just Plain Awesome!!! I am Just Plain Amazed at the quality of this publication! -Ann Jacobs, Springfield, OH

154. I like the community, networking and support it offers - welcoming artists of all stages and skill levels - to encourage and challenge. Just Plain Folks gets 'em out of the living room and stairwells and bathrooms. -Paul Dahlberg, Coon Rapids, MN

155. Just Plain Folks makes it interesting hearing about others and is very informative regarding the music industry, especially for someone like myself who doesn't have a great deal of experience. -Janis English, Meols, Wirral, England.

156. The Just Plain Folks local Roadtrip tours and shows really bring out people who otherwise might not "get out' or feel they're "all alone" in the biz. Thanks! -Colin McKay, Waltham, MA

157. Just Plain Folks is a great example of the internet as a tool for knowledge and connection for people who have intersecting interests, not just some shabby adjunct to commerce. -John Stuart, Gorham, ME

158. What I like most about Just Plain Folks is that it is so down to earth with its members. -Gus Caveda, Hileah, FL

159. Just Plain Folks is a crucial element in the music scene today. I believe that too many people today only listen to music, when throughout history people of all cultures were involved on a regular and routine basis. JPF promotes doing and not just hearing. We live in an 'entertain me'culture and we want to watch someone dazzle us. That leaves us empty in the end. I'm glad JPF promotes, encourages and helps make it possible for everyone to 'get out'. I personally believe the widespread emphasis on getting a CD out is less important than establishing the community between all - musicians and non-musicians alike. Too many people think 'I can't play' or 'I can't carry a tune in a handbasket'. I think everyone should be doing something - that's what 'folk' is all about - Paul Dahlberg Coon Rapids, MiN

160. Just Plain Folks gives it all. I like the sincerity and enthusiasm and the positive quotes and comments that start the newsletters. -Trish Lutke, Northboro, MA

161. It is vitally important and often overlooked or a low priority -- networking. Talk to as many industry people as often as you can -- small or large, instantly relevant or not (you never know). Share, take notes, and practice what they preach. Just Plain Folks is one such example of networking at its best. Use it or lose it! -Greg Benedetto, Twinsburg, OH

162. It's all the about the love. Love of the art, love of music, love of songwriting. Just Plain Folks. Love you guys. -Gus Hummings, Carrboro, NC

163. Just Plain Folks has honest people in and running the organization. The music world needs more of that. -Dr. Robert W. Dillon, Hot Springs, AR

164. It sounds entirely TOO trite, but the best things in life ARE still free! Long live Just Plain Folks! -DB Austin, Auburn, NY

165. Just Plain Folks helps me "Keep on the Sunny Side" Their positive influence sometimes it is just what I need. -Kristin Benjamin, Allentown, PA

166. At last... REAL people who are REALLY doing things in the business! Just Plain Folks is a true help - not just a sales vehicle. - Keith Alan Mullin, Quincy, IL

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168. What a find Just Plain Folks is! I haven't met this many people interested and focused on one cause. Talk about a shoulder to lean on, this group is certainly uplifting. The group is run by those who are interested in helping others, not helping themselves. -Jeff Twardzik, Philadelphia, PA

169. What a great organization Just Plain Folks is. Kind, concerned and eager to help. A great way for independent musicians to find out what they're doing wrong, what they're doing right and how to take the next step. -Elizabeth Elkins, Atlanta, GA

170. Brian Austin Whitney and the Just Plain Folks community have given me the opportunity to get my music out of my basement and into the hands of many influential people with whom I would otherwise have never had the ability to connect. The positive response and feedback have had a huge affect on my confidence as a songwriter and performer. Thanks, Brian! -Duane Allen Harlick, Royal Oak, MI

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175. I have enjoyed being a Just Plain Folks member, everyone is just great, and I hope that 2001 is going to be a great year for the organization, the music industry, and for each of our members. -Emily York, Chattanooga, TN

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Nashville, TN

178. Just Plain Folks envisions the spirit of a virtual community among peers. It fosters hope that there might be someone out there to help, teach, and just maybe to listen. -Hal Bird, Denver, CO

179. Just Plain Notes is Just Plain Good. It is always interesting, full of info about people who have been there and lived to tell us about it. -Allan Benoit, Laconia, NH

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182. Brian Austin Whitney is great! Thanks for all your hard work! -Angela Taylor, Baltimore, MD

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184. Just Plain Folks - an open door to the world of independent musical success. -Gary Ackerman, Leesburg, VA

185. I'm new to the business part of the music business. I have been met with open arms by JPF. Every contact seems so personal. Great resource! -Seth Breitman, Burlington, VT

186. Brian Austin Whitney's messages and take on life are very interesting. The collective heart is in the right place, and it is nice to have an organization like Just Plain Folks that treats songwriting as normal, healthy activity and provides a reasonable amount of emotional support and general insight on art and humanity. -Greg Panfile, Holliston, MA

Member Quotes: Ads that specify "Serious Musicians Only" indicates amateur thinking. I prefer to work with FUN musicians; especially those who actually show up for rehearsals and gigs. Those looking for "Serious Musicians Only" or ready-made situations should get a job in the corporate world. -Dan Snellenbarger, Death Drummer Extraordinaire at

187. My favorite thing is the uplifting attitude and the togetherness of the site. Being an independent musician is tough. There are tons of resources out there, but JPFolks has an added empowerment that I really like. Just Plain Folks gives songwriters and musicians a place to share music, resources, and a real sense of belonging to a strong community! -Elisa Peimer, New York, NY

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191. Just Plain Folks is a member service for musicians of every gender, race, creed and genre of people and music. It is a constant reminder to me as to why I left corporate America to start my agency to help unsigned musicians get the recognition and respect they deserve. -Rhonda Kelley President, Rainmaker Music Publicity, Boston, MA

192. Just Plain Folks builds community and connection across the *world*. I appreciate JPFolks because it serves as a symbol of why I do music: to remain connected to my own vision as well as to others who strive to create. -Delilah Poupore, Santa Barbara, CA

193. As a publicist I find Just Plain Folks helpful not only to me via the news and educational articles, but to my musician clients as well. I often share with my musicians/bands information I have read on Just Plain Folks. I admire your down-to-earth, nonpretentious style - it's refreshing, different and I hope you will always retain that! I know that is what Just Plain Folks is about - bringing together people in the industry and communicating info in a concise, friendly, but honest manner. -Debbie Catalano, Stoneham, MA

194. What caused me to come to Just Plain Folks was the genuine friendliness of their staff, and that they really believe and promote that all musicians are in this together. -Virginia Pierce Kelly, Winder, GA

195. The most important thing Just Plain Folks has done for me is to continually remind me that all of us are just people, trying to make music and make a living at it. We see authority figures in the music business, and they intimidate us. We're afraid we won't "make it." But if we're making music for a living, we HAVE "made it." There is no authority. Just good advice. - Julie Moffitt, Harrisburg, PA

196. The introductory quotes and opinions in Just Plain Notes are empowering to pursue creative goals, and I almost always learn something from Brian's opening remarks. The path becomes a little less lonely with Just Plain Folks out there. -Charlie Sohmer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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-T.C. Carr, St. Petersburg, FL

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201. The opening quotes of the Just Plain Notes newsletter and Brian Austin Whitney's writing are always an inspiration. Thank you! -Mary Lee Sunseri

202. Just Plain Folks might be on to something-a grassroots communication
network for people in music. And an organization with heart! -Stephen Cohen, Portland, OR

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204. Just Plain Folks has given me an opportunity to share my lyrics and musical abilities with others. Their site has begun to educate me about the music industry, and give me hope that one day one of over 80 lyrics that I've penned since I was a teen might make it to an accomplished artist. -Brian Shertzer, Camp Hill, PA

205. Above all, I enjoy the networking and the NICE people! -Che Zuro, South Pasadena, CA

206. I like Just Plain Folks continuing focus on the quality of music as the number one priority in a "career". -Hal Benoit, Hadley, MA

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215. It's been said that God helps those who help themselves but to help others is what He/She really expects of us. Just Plain Folks is on the right track in that regard. -Cookie Rodriquez, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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217. What I like the most about Just Plain Folks is the great opportunity for artists to exchange information and opportunities with each other. -Mark Baxter, Boston, MA

218. My big attraction to Just Plain Folks is the chance to monitor what others are doing; the more I know the more useful I can be. -Bill Littleton, Nashville, TN

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222. Everone involved with Just Plain Folks is just REAL!! It is SO nice to have a music website where everyone else is not trying to out-do their peers. I really especially appreciate Brian Austin Whitley's insight about creativity vs. the "industry". I like to read about all the new members in the bio section, and hear about other people's accomplishments. It is inspiring. -Danielle Egnew, Billings, MT

223. Just Plain Folks gets me to the neighborhood jam session that I'm too busy to drive to! -Pamela Bowne, Palisade, MN

224. Music should be about building community. Just Plain Folks does that better than any other organization of which I'm aware. Thanks to Brian! -Roy Donkin, Albany, NY

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230. It may be true in Taoism, that by doing nothing work is done, but Just Plain Folks has reminded me that in music, by doing nothing, nothing gets done. Let Just Plain Folks help you get busy making music. Write it, Record it, Perform it. Enjoy it. -Dave Cousino, Dayton, OH

231. What I like most about Just Plain Folks and their newsletter is that we get the inside information, artist recommendation and the uplifting articles by Brian Austin Whitney, the groups founder. -Scott Hays, Madison, WI

232. Just Plain Folks is the right mix folks to keep my music moving in the just plain right direction. -Don Wachowiak, Toledo, OH

233. The Just Plain Folks Roadtrip are great. I had a blast doing the New York showcases last year - they had such a nice feel to them and it was just nice to play a stress free show, to hear all the other artists. Rock on JPF! -Andrea Lafazia, West Palm Beach, FL

234. Just Plain Notes has more information than any other site and or newsletter that I have read. -Sam Thomas, Manassas, VA

235. Just Plain Notes offers very good advice, knowledgeable articles... not too much BS! -Gretel Elise, Fort Wayne, IN

236. Together we can have strength. Like in a wheel as the spokes. Strength through our music. Yet we're just plain folks! -Judy Cummings, Cumberland Furnace, TN

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244. As a relative newcomer in the indie music business (just released my first CD in November 2000) the insight of the industry gained through Just Plain Folks is invaluable. As a part time performing songwriter and now CD salesman I need all the help I can get. -Jerry Mincey, Winter Haven, FL

245. The Just Plain Folks lyric feedback board is great. I use it all the time to hone my lyrics! Even a one word change can make a big difference! --Ashleigh Wehmeyer, Lawrenceville, NJ

246. Just Plain Folks just maybe the only Cyber Music Community worth participating in. -Sean Quinlan, Denver, CO

247. Just Plain Folks offers a great opportunity for songwriters and singer/songwriters to gain experience in performing their material in a fun, and relaxed environment. Played one of my first open mics at one of their roadtrip showcases, met a lot of nice people & gave me the confidence to try it again! -Cindy Gordon, Plainsboro, NJ

248. It's great to see people like Just Plain Folks still out there in cyberland and about fighting for the common good of the unknown artists. -Russ Lyman, Salt Lake City, UT

249. Just Plain Folks is a musical trading post where you can express and exchange thoughts and ideas. -Glenn Pfeiffer, Hewitt, TX

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254. Just Plain Folks is so accessible, which is very appealing. I was AMAZED that someone would actually listen to my CD without asking for money! Most other organizations want pretty decent money for anything and everything. Also, it's great that there are local chapters, 'Roadtrips', awards, and monthly newsletter. It's very cool that JPFolks networks with other organizations as well. -Charly Ott, San Diego, CA

255. Thanks Just Plain Folks, for the great support network you've established for us all! -Wayne Weikel, Catawba Sound Studio, Troutville, VA

256. As individuals, we may not be able to change the world, but we can change our piece of it. Just Plain Folks enables us to put all our pieces together...and together we CAN change the world. -Bobbie Gallup, Loveland, CO

257. I like the sense of community and the resources Just Plain Folks has made available. They have given us a collective voice and a great opportunity to participate in something bigger than ourselves; the celebration and cultivation of our unique gifts within the realm of music. JPFolks has enriched my musical endeavors tremendously. I will be participating much more this year. It's great to be a part of such a friendly and enthusiastic bunch of folks! -Chris Yale, Myrtle Beach, SC

258. I've just recently joined Just Plain Folks, but upon checking out the web site I joined immediately (which I rarely do!) It was obvious to me that there was so much to offer that I needed to come back to this site over and over. -Erik Swerrie, San Jose, CA

259. Just Plain Folks, what a great source of information, lots of great reading, which we'll regularly be checking back on! -Dave & Louise Hamel

260. What I like most about Just Plain Folks is that thanks to them I HAVE connected with some Serious "Insiders" at just the moment I needed to! -Stan Good, Tampa, FL

261. Finding Just Plain Folks was a blast of cool, clean air when I needed it. An intelligent, fair and friendly haven for an aspiring artist/producer. -Dave Luckau, Salt Lake City, UT

262. All I can is that I am glad to be a part of the Just Plain Folks community! -Fred Martin, Philadelphia, PA

263. Before superstars outgrow their skin, they are Just Plain Folks. JPF is one of the foundation blocks for success. -Ken E. Richardson, Zanesville, OH

264. I think the idea of independent writers, performers, executives coming together to advance the art of music to the masses is a awesome concept and mind boggling that it has come to pass in Just Plain Folks. Together we like the majors: a force to be reckoned with. -Loren Manning, Kansas City, MO

265. I like the fact that there is someone out there like Just Plain Folks who cares to help independent musicians like me! -Anni Lee, Pensacola, FL

266. It's great to know there is a force like Just Plain Folks banding songwriters together and striving to provide resources for musicians, as well as opportunities to connect as people. - Melissa Axel, Boston, MA

267. Just Plain Folks is a great place to go if you are a music junky and you need a quick fix. The information is extensive and informative. Wish I had even more time to spend there. -Margee Peterson, Leavenworth, WA

268. Just Plain Folks is not just out to sell things and cash in -it's there to help, and it shows. -Vinny Ribas, Sparks, NV

269. Apartheid has had a devastating effect on Southern Africa. It has kept a nation of incredibly talented people apart, which means we have not been listening or sharing our cultures and have not yet developed a universal South African sound. It has also cut us off from the rest of the world... for the time being. Just Plain Folks presents hugely exciting possibilities for sharing our music and experiences with peers around the world and transcending the barriers we have become so used to, but it's a frightening technology at first. Just Plain Folks has been a friend that has pointed me in some very cool directions and has been incredibly helpful and friendly in the process. -James Stewart, Cape Town, South Africa

270. Just Plain Folks is the most personal organization in the music industry. We are a family, held together by our collective determination to be someone or something great. We are continually encouraged by the words and actions of our collective father/brother/cheerleader/confidant, Brian Austin Whitney, who helps us to understand that the greatness we strive to find is already within each of us and that the only recognition we truly NEED is the applause we give to ourselves. We are also encouraged to spread that same love and appreciation to all those around us, no matter who or what they are. For that reason, Just Plain Folks' potential influence goes far beyond music and art! -Seth Asa, Boise, ID

271. I really enjoy the contact with other artists and their trials and tribulations and successes from all over the world. -Dale Amon, Belfast, Northern Ireland

272. Just Plain Folks helps me in seeing that other musicians are going through the same thing as I am and it helps me continue to pursue my dreams. -Peter Hodson, Branford, CT

273. In the black Quagmire of the music industry, Just Plain Folks is an island of refuge and a beam of light that pierces the blackness of outer space. -Everett Adams, Grand Falls-Windsor NF Canada

274. Just Plain Folks is the place where songwriters and music creators come together to network, learn and collaborate. I particularly like its egalitarian approach.
-Kari Tieger, Riverside, RI

275. If you're serious about your music, you can't afford not to be a member of Just Plain Folks. -Randal Smith, Nashville, TN

276. Thanks to Just Plain Folks for sharing all the info and ideas that are useful to all us musicians. -Stefano Ashbridge, Ogden, UT

277. Just Plain Folks is a member friendly community with tons of pertinent information for any person wanting to leave their mark in the music industry. Highly recommended! -Guille Buamanage, Moreno, CA

278. The Just Plain Folks lyric board has allowed me to take a step back from my work and really take a critical eye to what I've created. I think it's making be a better lyricist. It's an informative and friendly site that's east to navigate. -Todd Leiter-Weintraub, Western Springs, IL

279. Just Plain Folks is the virtual supportive space where we can sharpen our edges as artist, grow as individuals, and then create our very best in real time. -Paul Aleman, San Antonio, TX

280. I enjoy being a member of Just Plain Folks. You can always learn from others who are traveling the same road as you. Also, the quotes and editorials are ALWAYS encouraging. -Felix P.Linden, Spencer, OK

281. I just stumbled on Just Plain Folks one day online and it has become a website I repeatedly visit and follow. As someone who is seriously thinking of making music a second career, JPFolks offers an approachable atmosphere and community; a camaraderie and the resources that make new members and newcomers believe their musical goals are possible. -Patricia Whiteman, Sherman Oaks, CA

282. For anyone interested in the creation or promotion of music, Just Plain Folks is a real gem. With over 9,000 members they represent the music industry at all levels from beginner to some of the most successful artists and writers around. And as their motto implies, through thick and thin, though the world might end, we are all in this together. -Harry Kimball, Cincinnati, OH

283. The most important thing to remember about Just Plain Folks is that they live up to their name. It is comprised of just plain folks - some more well known that others - but with the sole purpose of helping each other out. - One big happy family - who could ask for anything more? -Tom Tracy, Oreland, PA

284. Just Plain Folks is a great way to network with people that share my same interests and can help me further my career. It gives me a chance to also return the favor by helping other artists with my own bits of advice from my experiences. -Karyn Whittemore, Cedar City, UT

285. The music business is like a winding mountain road filled with deep ruts and treacherous cliffs that appear at every turn. The good people at JPFolks may not be able to blast the mountain and straighten out the road, but they do a great job of laying down some pavement to give us a little more traction and make the ride less bumpy. -Bryan Miller, Brooklyn, NY

286. Just Plain Folks gives artists that don't have a mainstream music industry corporation in their area the great chance to show off their work to a wide range of people around the world. -Jack Diak, Canton, OH

287. I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon then with some Just Plain Folks! -Ken Klar, Santa Clarita, CA

288. Just Plain Folks is the best thing on the web!! I gained so much confidence in my songwriting abilities from being able to participate in the East Coast Tour!! -Rene Zabel, Herndon, VA

289. What I like about Just Plain Folks is the presence of common sense, an inclusionary attitude (simple love of music of all kinds - except the negative kind), no trend-chasing, and no "Hollywood" approach. -Buck Fell, Chattanooga, TN

290. I come to Just Plain Folks for honest critiques to help me improve my lyric writing capabilities. Just Plain Folks has thereby inspired me to write better, and allowed me to improve as a songwriter. -John Voorpostel, Toronto, Canada

291. Brian Austin Whitney's commitment to his vision for Just Plain Folks, and the fact that membership is all-encompassing across genres and levels of expertise is second to none. There's something for everybody, and THAT is the best! -Cary Colvin, Washington, DC

292. Just Plain Folks is down-to-earth and informative and I love their attitude which is summed up by their motto "We're All In This Together"

293. Just Plain Folks come off with the sincerity of sincerely trying to help the struggling musician/songwriting and I thank them for that. -Sharon Wells, Fairview, KS

294. I have been very impressed with Brian Austin Whitney and the commitment and integrity that he has shown in building this community. I would suggest that anyone who is interested in building a career in music join and participate in Just Plain Folks. -Severin Browne, Los Angeles, CA


295. Just Plain Folks is a great place for anyone to get advice about the Music Industry. I particularly like the Mentors program, with all the great educators who give great advice. -Kristine Bramwell, Corona, CA

296. There is no other music site quite as special and unique as Just Plain Folks!
I love the lyric forum. It is such a valuable tool in fine-tuning what we have...and encouraging new writers. The members are so wonderful and helpful. -Sunny Longworth, Bay Village, OH

297. I mainly like the attitude of Just Plain Folks. It might be interpreted in many ways, but I like the fact that you do mean to help. I particularly like the Mentors and Networking Forums and the opportunities they bring. -Patricio, Mexico City, Mexico

298. Just Plain Folks is an excellent resource for the serious musician -Amos White V, Executive Director, The Artists Forum (, New York, NY

299. I always look forward to getting involved in this Just Plain Folks community of fellow music makers, helping and encouraging each other along the road to success and self-fulfillment. I like the layout and colors of the website. I like the ease of getting around and the amount of information that I'm finding on the site. The newsletter is great and I look forward to each issue. -Tom Fisch, Nashville, TN

300. The Just Plain Folks web page is a remarkable resource for me as an aspiring singer. It gives me tons of insight on the music business! -Alison Courtney, Ronkonkoma, NY

301. Just Plain Folks has been a valuable resource and support since its inception and during the development of my career as a singer/songwriter and eventually recording artist. I applaud its efforts to continue to evolve and offer more and more resources and opportunities to songwriters!-Valerie DeLaCruz, Nashville, TN

302. Just Plain Folks is a helpful way to get the recognition you deserve for your talents and also will help you develop your talents. They actually care about you. -Brittany, New Jersey

303. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of such a young and obviously, growing group like Just Plain Folks, of forward moving and talented people joining together to help each other and to recognize and improve the quality of new music in today's world which is made smaller by the internet and the networks available to us. It is so easy to get left behind when we neglect the importance of technology being used in our chosen field and the rapid growth of better and easier ways to achieve our goals. We need each other and we need Just Plain Folks. -Idamarie Naelitz, Lorain, OH

304. The Just Plain Folks Organization offers a new model for artists in the 21st century. Working from the bottom up, rather than from the top down, all of us independent artists can support each other in our musical and business pursuits." -Dave Nachmanoff, Davis, CA

305. Sometimes it seems that all of the usual metaphors apply to being a working musician in the "industry": It's a "jungle," or, at times, "a barren desert." Whatever the situation may be, I've found a haven within my Just Plain Folks chapter. Even though I may not see many of these people often, due to our individual performance schedules, at least I know that I am not alone in the journey. In the end, as we all know, it's really about the music. -Jessie Smelter, Anoka, Minnesota

306. What I like most about Just Plain Folks is that they cover a broad range of music related topics to help struggling artist like myself. -Randy Zimmerman, Fremont, OH

307. The support and knowledge I have gained from Just Plain Folks has helped me in so many ways. The founder Brian has always been there for support and advice whenever called on. -Debra Kay Patrick, St. Petersburg, FL

308. New talent, new information, new order, all working in concert for the plain folks.
If to an ignorant man holding a hammer, "all the world is a nail", I would offer that JPFolks helps us feel a little more like skilled carpenters. But like a good teacher, only gives us solid foundations. Building stairs that defy gravity- is up to us. -Mark Mahar, Las Vegas, NV

309. This organization is filled with Just Plain Folks around the world who are doing extraordinary things together. I love the fact that it gives me the chance to communicate, collaborate and interact with people on the other side of the world from me. I've made some great friendships and collaborated with very talented people to the point that I now have 4 lyrics to music, which I doubt would ever have happened if it were not for my membership of Just Plain Folks. -Judy Hollier, Sydney, NSW, Australia

310. Just Plain Folks has let me know I'm not alone. The community has given me hope, and has been the reason I'm working harder at my craft. I'm more informed & focused than I've ever been and I'm grateful for that. -Jim Oliver, Seaford, NY

311. The Just Plain Folks Organization website has the most cross-sectional information to offer of all the websites in the music industry that I've seen. Very good resource to keep in your favorite places. -Ralph Brown, Reading, PA

312. I appreciate the sincerity, hardworking, friendly, talented, giving staff and community that is Just Plain Folks. Thanks! -Johnny Vasquez, Nashville, TN

313. My favorite thing to do is read the quotes and words of wisdom from the big kahuna of Just Plain Folks, Brian Austin Whitney. -Stewart Siegel, Frankfurt, Germany

314. Just Plain Folks has been a true inspiration. While spending time with other members it is exciting to learn about their accomplishments and they are equally excited about yours. It is a great way to network! Everyone I've met in Just Plain Folks holds an industry secret... and they are willing to share! Thank you for wonderful opportunity! -Dee Ann Burgess, Greenwood, IN

315. Just Plain Folks and their website is the only Internet songwriting organization and site worth checking out! -Charles Spencer, North Canton, OH

316. I really enjoy the common tone of voice and the useful information about the American music industry we get from Just Plain Folks over here in the Netherlands.
-Norbert Meijs, Cadier en Keer, the Netherlands

317. Brian Austin Whitney is really doing a great job. He makes this information accessible to me to read at MY convenience. -Don Walker, Goddard, KS

318. Working independently can be very isolating at times, Just Plain Folks creates the link to keep us in the"flow." -Claire Van de Crommert

319. If you are in the business of making music, Just Plain Folks makes Just Plain Common Sense. -Briz, Lawrenceville, NJ

320. The minute I first logged onto the Just Plain Folks homepage I felt as if I had walked into a room with old friends. I knew at that moment I had to join! -Karl Sky, Holmen, WI

321. The Just Plain Folks lyric board is the best, friendliest, most helpful board on the net. -Wyman Griffith, Mangum, OK

322. Just Plain Folks has been a fantastic resource for inspiration, other music contacts and support, especially for someone living in Alaska. Thank you! -Ann Pence, Anchorage, AK

323. Although I've just joined "JustPlainFolks," I am overwhelmed by the effort, the detailed information for new members and the opportunities waiting for me to be explored! Great motivation! Thank you! -Gerhard Schaeuble, Belleville, MI

324. Just Plain Folks is a place to share, compare & continue to grow. -Devante Saunder, Modesto, CA

325. It is nice to know that I'm not alone in my struggle for inspiration -- and that there are others out there who understand the need to create. I like getting information and advice from industry leaders involved with Just Plain Folks as well as Brian's encouragement. -Beth Weiss, Astoria, NY

326. Just Plain Folks is a resonator for the heart of the music world. Being a part of the community of possibilities is what you get for joining. -Jesse White, Ashland, OR

327. The Just Plain Folks have offered an opportunity for folks from garages all over the world to performing artists to and every artist in between to form and build bridges that allow most to rise to their full potential and realize dreams that could have stayed in that space between sleep and awake. All that is required is to participate. -Cyn Bridgman, Fairfield, CT

328. I have been a member of Just Plain Folks for only a short time, but so far I am very impressed by the organization, format, many available services and devotion to their cause. The fact that Brian said, "don't use express or priority mail to send your entries to the music contest; save your money" was awesome! He seems very well-informed and caring. -Helen Avakian, Pleasant Valley, NY

329. Just Plain Folks, and particularly their website is a place where just plain folks get treated mighty special! -Robert C. Evans

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335. I can only say that I am quite impressed with what I've seen so far, Just Plain Folks' help is tremendous, and may they keep up the fine work! -Kelly Buchanan, Boston, MA

336. I would like to congratulate Just Plain Folks on what you are doing. I have read about and have great respect for the key people in your organization team who over the years have contributed much to the Music Industry. Thank you all for that! It reminds me of some words I heard - "You can break a twig but you can't break a bundle" Just Plain Folks is a big bundle indeed. -Ginny Peter, Otorohanga, New Zealand

337. Just Plain Folks is an answer to a prayer. For so long I've searched for an organization designed for the millions of us who have talent but are vastly unknown. Just Plain Folks gives us an outlet. It offers us the opportunities that we might have otherwise missed. Hallelujah for Just Plain Folks! -Fred Forsh, Woodstock, GA

338. I like the vast amount of experience that is within Just Plain Folks. I like to see the well-known artists and songwriters giving advice and encouragement to those whom are not yet known in the music business. I am also impressed with the amount of zeal and emotions that are characterized in the JPF people. It gives hope and encouragement to those that otherwise might give up. -Harold Yeager

339. I have met some absolutely incredible people from Just Plain Folks on line! -Donna Raudenbush, Montoursville, PA

340. I'm a new member of Just Plain Folks and glad to be aboard. As a new artist I'm definitely in an age group that is not popular in the music business. It's good to belong to a group like Just Plain Folks that isn't age prejudiced. -Minnie Tee, Lilburn, GA

341. Just Plain Folks, I liked the name before I knew the plan. Thanks for the opportunities and inspiration. Now I like it even better! -Francis Chilcoat

342. Just Plain Folks has a sincere interest in helping writers and artists. May we all benefit from your work! -Ellis Gordel, Nashville, TN

343. It's Just Plain Foolish not to join Just Plain Folks! -Stephanie Doe, Chester, PA

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345. Just Plain Folks strives to remind us, amidst the details of industry striving, why we set out to make music in the first place: to communicate truth to other human beings. The organization teaches and shares information and opportunity with humility, modeling how we as creators and performers might do the same in our work. - Rob Seals, Greensboro, NC

346. Just Plain Folks has grown tremendously over the last couple of years and has turned out to be one of the best educators the internet has to offer the individual involved in any aspect of the music industry. -Sam Shroll, Lawton, OK

347. Just Plain Folks is a perfect opportunity for anyone to get involved with the music industry on a grassroots level while learning from the experiences of those willing to share and mentor. -Owen Frank Stewart Jr., Lansing, MI

348. As I get older I realize that writing songs is based on relationships with other people. You can cut yourself off from humanity and write a few songs but it won't last long. You need the synergy of relationships, hopefully good ones like those in Just Plain Folks, to provide the fuel that will cause you to write from the heart and if it is not there, it will show. - Bob King, Regina, SK, Canada

349. Just Plain Folks is a wonderful, personable "musical community" that shows the promise of getting even better. The entire concept is wonderful. An extremely positive force in this sometimes-dark business. -Jeff Miller (Simon Apple), Reading, PA

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351. Thanks to Just Plain Folks, I am now in the know! Dave Vollrath, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

352. From a songwriter/musician's perspective, JPFolks is the best use of the internet to date. Brian Austin Whitney has done a masterful job of pulling together an impressive cast of mentors and industry resources. Through the newsletter and his travels to various chapters, Brian has managed to bring people with similar interests and goals together... Bravo Just Plain Folks, keep up the good work. -Jeff Olson, Barrington, RI

353. In Buddhism (as well as other religions), there are two different concepts of enlightenment--the "small boat" theory where only a few will be enlightened and re-born and the "large boat" theory where no one is truly enlightened until everyone is. Thanks Just Plain Folks and Brian Austin Whitney for helping steer the large boat!
-Tom Ryan, Pineville, PA

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355. Just Plain Folks states "We Are All In This Together" and they truly live by it. What a relief to be in contact with so many who share this passion and the joys and frustrations that go along with it! -Luisa Tanno, Milford, CT

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360. Just Plain Folks offers an incredible and unique opportunity for members to interact with people in all facets of the music business. The local chapters give members a chance to connect on a more personal level and to bring this back to the organization as a whole. It is run both by and for its members and has become a powerhouse in the music industry. People at every level of the music industry are involved - from professionals to novices - from publishers, songwriters and musicians to producers, publicists and journalists. And each member makes JPFolks a better place. -Roberta Carly Redford, Colorado Springs, CO

361. Just Plain Folks... Just Plain informative... Just Plain supportive... Just Plain cool!!" -Tracy Marie, Cleveland, OH

362. Thanks for keeping a good thing going and for keeping it FREE. Us folks just starting out need something to be free and easy to access, and this certainly helps. -Sonny Bell, Kansas City, MO

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367. Just Plain Folks helps solo artists and producers feel less alone. -Judy Koch, Vancouver, WA

368. Brian Austin Whitney's "My Take" section in the Just Plain Notes newsletter is my monthly editorial. Whether I have thought it, or enthusiastically agree with it, I delight to see it in writing." -Bob Mahone, Fort Meyers, FL

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373. I thought I was all alone, and then JPFolks found me, and I found a whole new family who share my dream. -Denise Mayo, Jacksonville, FL

374. Just Plain Folks' theme 'We're all in this together.' is celebrated in the Twin Cities Chapter. Over the past year, the network of local musicians has grown more positive and collaborative." - Katy Tessman, Twin Cities, MN

375. I am a new member. I really enjoy reading the tri-monthly Just Plain Folks newsletter. I like the fact that we frequently hear about artists before the industry, and public ever know about them. It is a very direct way of connecting with new artists, and a good way to get some great advice. -Naima De Pine, Toronto, Ontario Canada

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377. I was delighted to discover Just Plain Folks when they did a showcase at The Point, our local coffeehouse. The enthusiasm and energy were wonderful and of course I wanted to join! Their existence encourages me to feel that there may be a chance after all for my music to make it out beyond the circle of my own everyday life. -Anne Hochberg, Haverford, PA

378. The organization newsletter Just Plain Notes is always a good read and I learn something new each issue. Great quotes and mentor advice. A wonderful source for links and possibilities. -Tim Mulligan, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

379. It's nice with all the uncertainty in the music biz to have a support system like Just Plain Folks, and even a group hug every now and then, from people who have the same dreams and goals. It really does make a difference. -Mandi Martin, Woodland Hills, CA

380. I believe that Just Plain Folks is the first organization to really look at the songwriter.
Brian's willingness to help is the root of its endless success. -Tim Moyer, Villa Park, CA

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382. Just Plain Folks is a down-to-earth, down home organization, interested and active in educating, encouraging and promoting aspiring artists and songwriters. -Barb Roy-Bridges

383. This organization is perfect for me because. Though I am a true Just Plain Folk, I have talent as well. I was taught to be humble, but still would like some notice for my musical gifts. -Tony Shades, Everett, WA

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387. I felt quite alone. We creative types don't really mix completely with the normal populace although there are many of us OUT THERE. When I found Just Plain Folks, I wasn't alone anymore. There was a good chance I wasn't going to need the rubber room anymore. I had found a community of other fruit cakes out there. I could feel part of something and when what I say makes no sense to some "normal" people, I know there is someone OUT THERE that knows what I'm talking about..thanks. -Stephen M. Johnson, Omaha, NE

388. It is unwise to think that a writer can be successful without networking, or support from others in this industry. Just Plain Folks is the single best resource I have seen on the web for educating, motivating, and "plugging in" songwriters and other music industry professionals. Their success is amazing, but somehow not surprising, given the effort and dedication of those involved. Other organizations should use Just Plain Folks as a business model. -John Stevens, Altoona, PA

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391. I just don't understand why these Just Plain Folks people care about us so much. Often, I don't even return their emails yet they are always in my corner and supporting and encouraging my musical endeavors. -Eric Taggart, San Diego, CA

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393. The things I like most about Just Plain Folks is the networking, the great website and Brian Austin Whitney. He's COOL! -Liz Axford, Del Mar, CA

394. Just Plain Folks is the most comprehensive organization in the music business
-John Darlowe Boswell, Shreveport, LA

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399. I love the down to earth, serious and honest approach to the music industry I get from Just Plain Folks. -Lori Stillwell, LaVerne, CA

400. Sometimes you're so busy playing and gigging you never get a chance to talk to or meet other musicians...Just Plain Folks is my chance to read about what’s up with my kindred spirits -Khearan Morgan, Akron, OH

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402. Just Plain Folks are truly Just Plain For Real! Gone To A Showcase, Gone to the 2000 Music Awards Banquet, met Brian and decided then to become a member. Hey Brian Keep Up The Good Work! -Randall Villan, Bakersfield, CA

403. Just Plain Folks is a breath of fresh air in this mad music biz, that can seem like a closed shop with all the goodies locked away. JPfolks is all about building community and helping all of us to feel we're in it together. -Will Makower, Cambridge, Cambs, England

404. Just Plain Folks is the only music organization that I've ever encountered that isn't driven by egos and negativism! -Matthew Lee, Los Angeles, CA

405. Just Plain Folks is a novice songwriter’s best friend! -Charlie Von K, Tujunga, CA

406. The journey is more exciting than the destination, and I believe that JPF is a ride worth taking. There's a light at the end of the road, I can see it coming. -Ish Beloso Jr., Orlando, FL

407. Just Plain Folks and their founder Brian deserve a huge amount of thanks for their love of music and what they have given all of us! -Ron Campbell, Powell River, BC, Canada

408. Just Plain Folks is one of the best things to happen to musicians in cyberspace, I appreciate the attitude that we are all just plain folks. -Jeremy David, Strasburg, CO

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411. A bad decision is often better than no decision. At least NOW, with the help of Just Plain Folks, we know which is the right one! -Mike Boyle, Tampa FL

412. I see a lot of these online music resources and organizations. Just Plain Folks has one of the best formats and personalities, and a real sense of a genuine love for the art and business of making music. And it's obvious that they are not afraid to get off their butts and hit the road. They tour more than many bands! -Jonathan Moorehead, Croton, NY

413. As a member of Just Plain Folks, I really appreciate the knowledge that I'm not the only one trying to do this. -Steve Sterz, San Jose, CA

414. I really enjoy Brian Austin Whitney's wit, and of course the overwhelming and fulfilling support Just Plain Folks has for the independents artist! -Nicole Meredith Diaz, Encino, CA

415. Just Plain Folks is an amazing organization. Brian Austin Whitney is a champion for those of us who live to have our music heard. -Melody Guy, Portland, OR

416. Most musicians I know (including myself) live in a vacuum. Just Plain Folks has let some air in. Thanks! -Stephen Lester, Joshua Tree, CA

417. Someday, the government will pay me to stay home and play my guitar, till then, Just Plain folks is my best hope to leave that pesky day job behind! -Gary Cardinale, Laurence Harbor, NJ

418. As a result of our blurb publication, we received an e-mail from the Netherlands, from a music agent who was interested in us. He listened to our music on our website, and requested we send him our CD He would like to represent us around the world. So Just Plain Folks is opening doors for us! -Carol Nicodemi, Bayside, NY

419. Just Plain Folks is one of the rare organizations that still has the heartbeat of the artist/songwriter/musician...small and big alike! -Sherrie Davis, President Dallas Songwriters Association, Lewisville, TX

420. In this heartless, stagnant, numbers based, corporate industry called MUSIC -The Just Plain Folks group succeeds in putting the music and the people first. JPFolks' consistent drive for growth, development, and education of the art form, along with the genuine support and benefit to its members is unprecedented in today's dog eat dog arena! Just Plain Folks - There's Just Nothing Like It! -Karen Angela Moore, Nashville, TN

421. I really enjoy the networking, ability to contact others in same situation, the camaraderie and community and hearing about others' situations in Just Plain Folks.
-Gloria Jean, Delmar, NY

422. Just Plain Folks is the number 1 source of song-writing/publishing information for most of us boondocks amateurs. -Peter C. Betz, Fort Johnson, NY

423. I save up several issues of the Just Plain Folks Newsletter to read when I need a boost of positive charges my batteries... It's a valuable connection to the outside world - let's you know that your problems and successes are not isolated. I suppose it helps keep my feet on the ground. And it keeps me up to date on the changes in the industry that apply to me with out having to wade through tons of information - (I'm talking specifically about the copyright/internet piracy issues where changes are happening so quickly) -Fil Campbell, Rostrevor, Northern Ireland

424. So you love music and you'd like to just skip around the trappings and get real with others..  Just Plain Folks has such a venue.  Every email begins with encouraging words like a mantra/good common sense which if applied cannot help but better the world!  Besides that this is a musical instrument with 'no strings attached', low maintenance; you get back what you put in. -David Hendry, Cocoa, FL

425. The annual Just Plain Folks Music Awards program greatly benefits in the promotion of talented artist in an age of immense data overload. -Gregg Wingo, Dunmore, WV

426. "Life's hard...if it were easy, there would be very few good songs,” So true. But since music is one of the most humanizing elements of this hardscrabble life, we, as the creators of that humanizing element, find ourselves in a unique position. So, we owe it each other and ourselves to take advantage of every opportunity to extend that which we do as far as we can. Just Plain Folks facilitates that. It is valuable; you are valuable, and as unique as the snowflakes that are falling outside my window.  Thanks JPFolks, for making all of our small pieces of "what's good" a little more important. -Barry Cloyd, Peoria, IL

427. Just Plain Folks are just plain encouraging, inspirational and, somehow, always there when you need them!  Sue Bennett, London, England

428. I really enjoy Just Plain Folks because almost every aspect of the newsletter applies to EVERYONE and I feel comfortable being apart of it. -Rachel, Greensboro, NC

429. I was lifted up, and music fell like raindrops from the sky. Just Plain Folks was there to assist me in making my music a realistic endeavor. -Carrie Crews, Lake Mary, FL

430. Everybody needs a good friend - someone who knows, values and cares about who you are, what you love, what, how, and why you do what you do - someone who really listens and who gives and shares unconditionally.  For every songwriter, Just Plain Folks is one true loyal friend who is always there for you - right at your fingertips.  Always ready with the gift of good advice, provocative insights, new song buddies, music professional mentors and contacts, and an honest commitment to sharing worthwhile information and wisdom.   -Zola, Newton, MA